Apostle Dr. God’spower udjor
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Our senior pastor is a prolific and charismatic leader with over 28 years a Christian minister. He is the vessel whom God has used to establish Champion faith International ministries.  He is also the president of God’spower International Ministries. An ardent leader who despises been called a Motivational speaker, but rather a bearer of the Unction of God and an ambassador for Christ.


He has a passion for locating broken souls and bringing them up through the power of God’s word and turning them into vessels for Gods work. He has taken Gods word all over the world.


A strict believer in the Efficacy of Grace he is one never to judge his children though a stern disciplinarian.


He holds a couple of Doctorate degrees and he is an erudite scholar of the word of God.


Born in Sapele in Delta state, and spending many years in Warri, has influenced a unique sense of humour that makes delivering the word of God all the more seamless. It is not unusual to have congregants balling in laughter in one minute and breaking down under the power of the Holy Spirit the next during his Ministration.


Dr. Udjor is married to Rev. Mrs. Udjor and they have Five Children.

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